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Resigned From Work

Alright, I am VERY delighted to let everyone know that I RESIGNED!!!!!

Well, truth be told, I only stuck here this long because I know I will be leaving in a couple of months, so no point of getting a new job. The plan was for me to stay for only three months maximum till I get a new job, well.. as many of you know I will be traveling to the US soon.

I almost felt bad when I handed in my resignation letter… almost, till today that is. I came to work, and one of my co-workers, being nice, got me some tea. This co-worker is one of my favorites cause he doesn’t treat me like a “girl”, but rather just another co-worker that he sometimes chit-chats with (Okay, you got me, he brings me the company’s gossip). Anyway, he came an hour ago and said: “Are you free?”, “Yes, you need anything?”.. “I have this project for a class, can you do it for me? You have till the end of the month”.. “No!”.. “Ohh, common, this is easy for you!”.. “It’s IT and I am no IT person!”..”Well, at least look at it”.. “Fine”

So, I looked at it, and the teacher has OUTLINED SPECIFICALLY all the components that he needs in this project.  I said, “I’ll explain to you what the teacher wants, but to be honest, I don’t know how to do this stuff”.. “Ohhh, common! yes you can. If I was told that you made an airplane I wouldn’t be surprised! You graduated from the US!!” I ignored the stupid comment and started explaining the concept, and he goes “See, you understand what is required! Do it for me!”.. “NO, and you can try kissing my ass AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.. I WILL NOT DO YOUR PROJECT FOR YOU!!!!”

He tried saying this to me too!

This annoys me SO much! I mean, I really respect my co-workers that work hard and want to have a better future for themselves. However, many don’t care much about the learning process as much as they care about getting the paper that says.. I HAVE A DEGREE, I WANT MORE SALARY! But when it comes to them doing the actual work.. they know NOTHING! apparently my co-worker is studying IT. He has a year left and he doesn’t even know how to hook his laptop up to our wireless network!

Another co-worker came up to me today and said:  “Hey, I have this paper here that I wrote and I want you to rephrase some of the words. You don’t need to do the introduction and the summary, just the rest of it!” … “HUH!” as I looked at him confused! “You want me to rephrase your paper for you?”.. “No, just the words because I copied the content from the book”.. uhuh! “Hmm, NO!”.. “Why not?” he looked at me shocked as if he doesn’t understand! as if there was a mutual understanding that I should do it, or that it is listed in my job description! I said, “Go to your word document, right-click and go to synonyms and choose another word”..


Really, I am SO glad to resign, and can’t wait till my time comes up! A few weeks left!

Also, what is up with my clients calling me by snapping their fingers at me and saying “Oy..Come!” .. no please, no excuse me.. no nothing.. Of course I DID NOT MOVE!

I don’t know.. Maybe I was their slave in my previous life and they just can’t get over it!


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Glimpses of Work

Every day as I walk up the stairs towards the kitchen, I glimpse at our receptionist (we absolutely hate each other) and look at her screen. If she is not watching a youtube clip or an Arabic show, then she is definitely reading at some forum. You can see all the latest styles of abayas as you come down or go up the stairs. It shocks me sometimes that she is not fired yet, but I guess she owes that to the Ministry of Manpower. There are times when the phone rings, and she just waves her hand at it with disgust as if saying “shut the F… UP”.

She does that too along with slurring racist comments to our "bad" clients

One thing happened today, which is the first since I started working here, is that I got a present from a client. I definitely don’t feel comfortable holding that small green bag that has an Arabic fragrance oil and a necklace with the engraving “Allah is great”. Of course I said “No” but he just dropped it on my desk and left. I’ve never seen this client before, but the gift makes me wonder if he also has another gift set that is meant for a male. Ohh well, I guess this little green bag will be put away in a drawer somewhere. Maybe under the quality control reports?

My boss just arrived at work and has a stack of papers with him. He is going to lock himself into a small room and read for a while (he is taking online courses). One of the papers is an astrology overview of his son’s welfare. Apparently, his fourteen year old son has bad grades and my boss is worried. So he went online and paid this guy some money to prepare an overview of how the son’s life will end up. “The major problem is that he doesn’t listen to his mom and has bad grades”, he said to me while flipping through the papers. Well, that is not such a huge surprise since he is a teenager and has seizures every once in a while where his memory gets wiped out. Apparently the summary says he will start doing better once he reaches the age of twenty. I’m not really a believer (the disclaimer states that personal choice plays a big part on whether this overview will be true or not), but I really hope his son gets better. Oh, you need the birth date and exact time for this forecasting to be at least 85% true.  

 And just a quick note: for those who are thinking about getting the iPad, how about you look at the other option (HP Slate) and compare specs.

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Omanis and Traits

Alright, for this post, you all need to relax. It is a fun post :p .. nothing serious.. and to all those who like to be offended.. NO I am not generalizing.. so calm down

Just a taste of my life at work..

Muscat people:

Call me weird, but I find this category to be the most respectful. I usually ask the guys from this category to follow orders and they do. Once, a guy was making a fuss, and I just went up to him and said “get up and leave, now”. To give you a better description of this guy, well.. he is in his early 20’s. He wears those low cut jeans with the “love theme boxers” showing, the fake LV belt, and listens to rap and hip hop music… But this guy.. left the room as I have asked… No fuss

Later he came in to my office, and apologized… signed some forms and before he left, said.. “thank you”… when I looked at the form, his signature was … “cool thug” .. I almost cracked out laughing, but my point is.. he is the type of guy we see in the streets and stereotype him into the “bad-wannabe” category.

The females are harder to deal with. They get offended easily and I have to be gentle. However, I have a harder time with the spoiled ones, since they expect me to do everything for them.

Batina (till Sohar) and Dakhilyah people:

These guys are harder to deal with. I am usually gentle at first. I give a warning, and they just think its funny, ignore me, and continue with what they are doing. Sometimes I explain the obvious to them, and they show great interest, but still do not want to follow the rules. I kick them out, and they start talking loudly and become offended. “This is OFFENSIVE” they scream sometimes. They do leave at the end, but with warnings of filing complaints (which they never see through), or never coming back (which they do because they have to).

Now, these are the good males from the inner Oman. They wear the well ironed Omani dishdasha and the nice cuma (head cap) with the  “good manners”. Maybe they are, but I have certainly seen the worst from them. Everything to them is a joke. (That applies to my cousins too!!)

On the contrary, the girls in this section are respectful. They are usually shy, but in general, they have good manners. I do find a few that like to be offended for the heck of it, but not many. Some of them think I hate them and that I’m mean, but generally it is because sometimes I do..

Sharqyah and Batina (above Sohar) people:

I think I can describe these people in a single word… politely, I would say they are “loud”, at my line of work I would describe them as “obnoxious”. To be honest, these are the people I have the most difficult time dealing with.

I have tried to be gentle, and I have tried to be strict. It does not work. These are the guys that wear the UAE dress (Al Ain dress to be specific) and the neatly folded musar (head turban). They go to great lengths to make their (shoulder length) hair straight . They usually walk slower to make sure their neat figure is not ruined, but they are just LOUD. They treat every single costumer service area as a qahwa (coffee shop) where they like to give hugs and kisses (nose kisses) to every one they know. You ask them to follow the rules and you end up being in a long debate. They like to chit-chat and answer your questions and with questions.

May I add, these guys DO NOT get offended easily. They flick their wide eyes like a sad puppy and ask.. “what’s wrong?” in a flirtatious manner.. it is annoying.

On the other hand, the females in this category love to be easily offended. They tend to take everything personal. It doesn’t matter that I ask politely and cut them slack most of the, they just find a way to get offended and act out. They do exactly the opposite. Some, I found out, do it because they dislike me. These females also get offended when my other co-workers talk to them. They would slur some offensive words in Arabic to my Indian co-workers thinking it is okay, and become highly offended when I say: “Do as they SAY”… ha ha

Dhofari people?… I’ll leave that to Nadia!

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Annoying Foreigners

Now, I would love to say that you guys are just perfect expats in Oman for the sake of looking good, but that would be a lie. Nevertheless, it took me a while to think of the most annoying thing Omanis, in general, find in foreigners.

So, when it came down to it, I had to think hard.

I mean, yes, to many of us it is annoying to see foreigners half naked in the beaches, or foreigners showing a lot of affection to their significant others in public. Even those with tattoos (crosses, satanic tattoos, or just tattoos) showing on their arms and backs are many times annoying. Some Omani women become annoyed when they see their Omani guys hanging out with gorgeous female foreigners. Yes, annoyed though some are jealous too.

But many don’t care about any of the above.. We are all glad that you guys are here and spending money!

So, when do you see all Omanis agree and grunt at all foreigners? It is when foreigners are earning more money than their equal Omani co-workers solely based on them being foreigners. I remember someone was telling me about his experience. This Omani guy had 20 years of experience in some field; he had a PhD from one of the best Universities in the world. He knew more people and visited so many places in his field that you would lose counting. He was hired by the government, a good job nevertheless and with huge responsibilities. However, this government agency hired a couple of foreigners with inferior experiences and qualifications, but offered them three times more income!

So, foreigners are annoying in Oman when the country and companies make them seem better than the hard working Omani.

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