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Alright, today I just wanted to list some of the ideas that go around in this part of the world about Western people:

1- They don’t treat their parents with respect.
2- They never ask about their parents or take care of them when they are sick.
3- They see women as sexual objects. (look whose talking)
4- They are not clean.
5- They don’t have morals, which is why crime is high there.
6- Most men cheat on their wives. (which is why it is seen that it is better to have two wives than cheat on your wife)
7- They are not jealous people. (as in, they don’t care if other men stare at their wives or if their wives’ goodies are out there for the world to see)
8- All they care about is money.
9- They are disrespectful towards Islam, the Prophet…etc.
10- They hate us.

These thoughts are out there. Of course the idea here is to make us feel better than all of you!
However, not every person believes in all of these… I’ve just gathered them and lumped them into a single list.


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