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The reason I’m naming this as Gulf men’s pride because it applies to most or nearly all gulf men.

And yes, I did name it exhausting pride because I’m exhausted from it and have been for a very very longs ass time! I am addicted to honesty and you can NEVER be partially fully honest with your:… its a long list… male relative, father, brother, uncle, boyfriend, fiancĂ©e, or husband!

If you are a Middle Eastern girl, you become accustomed to learning all kinds of games and ways to manipulate your way into getting what you want! I don’t know, but I really do think men are either stupid or just have an arrogant mentality that they don’t see all those games and manipulative techniques!

All this for what…. So their precious PRIDE does not get hurt!

I’m not sure if you guys realize -maybe you do if you live in the Middle East- that there is this whole other world behind the faces of these .. so called… Men!

Example One:

Typical question (guy): “have you loved anyone before me?”
Typical answer (girl): “of course never” sounds like a big fat lie especially if she is 27, which of course girls realize, so they continue by “only that my mother would always tease me about my cousin, and I used to kind of like him when i was young. But I never saw him much..”

UHUH! Yeah.. Right! Toss them with a pathetic lie half truth, and they will walk away thinking they caught an angle that was untouched by the rotting smell of the concept of “love before marriage”… stupid..

Girls are never that stupid to ask that question, cause they know that the truth would be untold or the whole thing WILL be told.. how many prostitutes, with your aunt, neighbor..etc. Other girls don’t care, they understand the concept, “we will live together for the future not the past”

Example Two:

A girl from the Gulf area always gets this advice from other women: “always downplay your smarts, and sometimes act stupid. Don’t challenge them on debates because you will always end up called: stupid, you dont understand, disrespectful, and ‘shut up and do as I say’.”

My reply… F***K THEM…..(sorry, I’m angry)

If they cannot pick a book and read it before they open their mouths, debate, and become all philosophical about it.. then don’t be offended when I site writer’s and articles!

People… Gulf men RARELY read! some of them go to college and graduate as they entered.. stupid. They never take the time to do research and actually read more than what they have to. No interest, whatsoever!

Their main interest after getting a job, a wife, a house is: eat, sleep, hang out, and gradually become fat.

How do they graduate? I wonder, they copy and paste papers from google.. I don’t think they realize their school has online subscriptions to journals!.. or that they are ALLOWED to use the library for uses other than chatting on terminals and checking out text-books in the beginning of the semester.

Example Three:

Dad: “Where are you going?”
Daughter: “Hang out with my boyfriend girlfriends and fool around drive around in the car *smiley face*” and to just give him a sense of involvement, through him a couple of lies activities that you will be doing with your friends.

LoL, poor dad!

It does not end here! wish it did…

You have to lie about going shopping, talking to a friend he dislikes or one he fought with the brother, driving somewhere, going out in general.. “many go out only when the male is not in the house”, cooking, cleaning, relationships, being mad at them…..etc.

They also think that they are entitled to your privacy. They have an urging need to know everything that happens in your life, no matter how private you would like to keep it. Just so that they can remind you later on of your mistakes and how you should be dependent on their stupidity wisdom.

I am tired of always walking on eggshells because I might hurt their pride one day… Many women don’t mind it because they don’t think that men can be any different. “God made them that way for a reason!”.. all I will say is.. God is innocent from such accusations…

My problem? I got to know better….


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