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To those who don’t know much about Sablat Oman: it is an omani discussion forum that is the most popular in Oman, with about 93 thousand users and 410 thousand topics. This is only counting the topics that came after the Sabla’s owner was sued and the site was put down to be opened in a different site.

Previous Link: http://www.omania.net
Current Link: http://www.omania2.net

If you do know about it and always¬† or sometimes wondered… what do they talk about? Well, I will give you a glimpse of some titles different sections.

I will only present three sections. The ones I think are worthy to follow from time to time, and the first five topics in each.

Sablat Politics and Economy:
1- A call to Nizwa officials: please reconsider the plans for roundabouts and roads.
2- The illness of music and religious songs on Oman’s broadcasts.
3- Saudi: the strengthening earthquake in Aiss indicates volcano eruption.
4- Which do you prefer: Omani or Foreign management?
5- Iran announces the launch of a rocket that could hit Europe.

General Sabla:
1-The nicest house decor for the nicest in the forum (with pictures).
2- In the road of divorce and the judge asks you, which will you chose: living with you father or mother?
3- How does a foreigner forces his control over an Omani.
4- Look to where sexual harassments is leading.
5- How can we organize the children’s schedules for prayers and summer break has started..come in.

Social and Educational Sabla:
1- No one is relaxed, why?
2- Rape + Forced marriage + Early divorce.
3- The video tape that destroyed my life.
4- Feelings I used to fight and fear from has now filled my heart.
5- Excuse me, it is not because of her.

The Sabla was visited on May 21, 2009.

Hope this was interesting….


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