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Many people look at the extent of shopping that happens in Ramadhan and wonder.. What do these people eat!?

First, I will have to explain the regular food we eat in a regular month:

Here, in a typical Omani family house, the day starts out with a cup of milk and Omani bread. (Omani bread is very thin and you dip it in the milk before you eat it). The day goes on and people might drink coffee at work and housewives might eat some fruits. In the afternoon, the typical lunch is rice with meat and some salads.. (Don’t forget the watermelon)! Then, people don’t eat until its dinner, which consists of either some soup or a western/eastern dish. Whichever it is, it’s just either one or two smaller dishes.

On Ramadhan, we fast, but in reality we eat more! Here is my average day in Ramadhan:

The day starts out with sohoor (breakfast before sunrise). Now, to get the maximum food in your stomach that would digest slowly you would have to eat rice and yogurt. Some people eat rice and meat! But which ever… it is a heavy meal –Of course its a bad idea to sleep right after that, but we need to reserve energy! – Then, we wake up late and go to work. Since we only work for about five to six hours a day –its actually less, remember we are tired and can’t concentrate much– we get home early. At 2pm, I would go into the kitchen to help out with the cooking –actually, I’m usually hungry and want to make sure that what I’m in the mood for will be served! – Today I made some sweets (including crème caramell of course!!).

At the Iftaar table (sunset breakfast), the whole family would gather around the food and stare at the watch. We all want the guy in Oman tv to stop reciting the Quran and call for prayer! The food consists of samboosa, 3 kinds of pastries, about 3 or 4 kinds of sweets, dates, fruits, juice, water, more juice..etc. Once the Imam calls for prayer I start grabbing everything I see in front of me: drinking a bit of juice, then a samboosa, then a pastry, then some sweets.. all at once and before the call for prayer is over! Then, barely able to stand up, I go to pray with a full stomach. After prayer, we gather at the table again. This time, more food starts to come out. We would have the soup of the day along with more samboosa and pastries. We eat more and more, till our bellies hurt. Then, we take some rest. The men go to prayer (its about 8:15pm by now), and us women clean and try not to eat more. Once everyone is back, we are back to serving dinner. It would be about 10:30 to 11pm. The regular lunch that would be served in a regular month would be served as dinner. So we eat more.. take some zantac or tums, and eat more. Stuffing more food in your stomach than what you can handle, but all you think about is how hungry you will be the next day if you don’t!

Is the picture clear now!


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Ramadhan Kareem

I had to write this post about the month of Ramadhan. This is my first time for almost ten years to be in Oman for fasting. It is a lot different than being in the US.

In the US:

  • You fast, work full hours, and take classes at the same time.
  • Your work or classes sometimes are during sunset. So you can’t really eat till later.
  • Having Ramadhan in the summer is the worst because its sunny ALL day. You break your fast, in some places, at 9pm.
  • The Muslim community in that area comes together and organize awareness lectures on Islam and Fastathoons for non-Muslims to participate.
  • You walk all day long around while people are walking with their donuts and coffee mugs.
  • You pass the student union area and the smell of food chases you around. Everyone is eating and chatting away, while you look at them and curse “I hate all of you!” while tightening your belt so your belly does not ache.
  • You go home and cook something quick before you go back to your second class or writing your research paper.
  • After breaking your fast at 9pm, you are too exhausted to do anything so you go to sleep leaving you with a single meal a day.

In Oman:

  • You wake up at four and eat the lunch that your mom, wife, maid have made (important to notice that its a female!).
  • You leave for work at 9am- if you feel like it that is– and sit at your desk doing nothing.
  • You read newspapers and yawn at the same time.
  • At 2pm, you feel like you’ve accomplished too much for the minimum amount of energy you have.
  • You grab your keys and run to your car, drive home, and sleep till 6pm.
  • You wake up and look at the watch wishing it was already sunset. Realizing its not, you take a visit to the kitchen to see what food you will eat that day.
  • Your mom complains you haven’t helped her in the kitchen and you complain you’ve been “working” all day long.
  • Once its sunset, you eat, pray then eat more and more..
  • You watch all the new series and TV shows they’ve been advertising the previous month.

My comments….. I’m glad I’m not experiencing the REAL Ramadhan for once!
Ramadhan Kareem to ALL… and to all Muslims in non-Muslim countries…. suck it up! lol!

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