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Today I want to talk about fashion and women in Oman. I was with a friend in City Center a couple of days ago and saw one of the new make up shops. We went in and looked at the different colors they had. I suggested some neutral colors to her, and not being in Oman for that long, I didn’t realize that it’s a no-no to buy neutral colors. Everything has to be OUT THERE! You should only wear the colors that are BRIGHT.. not calm… BRIGHT!

Also, who said that an Abaya is used only for religious purposes. It is not.. I mean, look at all the crystals in those Abaya’s! It is a fashion statement among other things. For those who come to Oman and discover that not ALL Omani girls wear Abayas is because it is not required by religion and some parents don’t care. Even then, look at those Abaya’s.. each cost over 40 rials ($100) and many go over R.O. 100 ($250). They are very expensive..

Also, the more bling those Abaya’s have the better and the woman would have a better chance of making all others jealous!


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