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Female Circumcision in Oman

Female circumcision in the Gulf area is widely practiced, maybe not as popular anymore, but it has been practiced for centuries. Now, talking about this subject freely might have some stigma to it, and many expats wonder about it but are too polite to ask.

To make it clear, female circumcision in the Gulf is not the same as that practiced in some African regions where women’s external parts are all cut off leaving small openings. Also, it is neither required nor sought after in Islamic teachings. Female circumcision is a cultural aspect of the Middle East. When I asked some relatives about circumcision a few years ago, the explanation was that we live in a very hot weather climate, and the Arabic women usually have external vaginal parts that are larger than the normal size. The combination of hot weather, no underwear, and the large sizes made women uncomfortable or rather (frankly) aroused.

This explanation may sound naïve and unrealistic to many of you, but it is a valid reason to many here. Now, what is female circumcision in Oman and the Gulf region? As far as I know, circumcision varies from cutting parts of the clitoris to making a small cut that makes no impact (I guess the sight of bleeding = purification). I do not believe that there is a certain cultural event or a ritual that happens during the circumcision. Women just call a known lady to their houses when men are absent. She makes the cut, gets paid, and leaves.

Now, is female circumcision wrong? Yes, and the younger the generation gets, the more they are aware of the repercussions. The idea that circulates now-a-days is that female circumcision is the result of females’ inability to enjoy sexual activities with partners. Many mothers these days refuse to circumcise their daughters.


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The Wannabe Empire

Today, I was watching CNN international on Japan and their diesel-producing algae. They have mentioned that Japan has been producing diesel from algae, and have been used in cars already which is great, but it got me to think. If the world started to rely on algae for diesel, where would the Gulf stand?

For the past forty years, the Gulf has been exporting petroleum to the world, but it did not take advantage of this opportunity to flourish intellectually. The Gulf now, and will stay for a long time, a rich region with poor minded people (in general). Oman; for example, has been a very poor country before 1970 and when its economy started to become better, the people became a bit more educated. The root of the problem is the mentality and the culture that people are so intertwined with. For example, as a child you have many questions about God. Even though faith allows you to question and explore, the culture condemns you if you did. Every one would give you the “how dare you!” look. You are shut down from a young age. You learn not to ask and not to think critically. You would hear people answer you by saying “Well, that’s just how it is” or “its our culture”.

I want to have hope for the region to change positively, but I doubt that would happen in my time. Once money started to flood through the region, people became too good or too proud. For example, if you ask someone to work in construction, they will reply, “Are you serious! You want ME to work on construction?”. So, basically, the mentality here is that we are too good to do hard work. “And why work hard if we can have lower people do it? Or if we can just pay for the service?”. We have been paying a lot of money for these services, and our money has been going out of the country instead of circulating in it. So, basically we are making other countries rich. We rely on them. The reason we have about 6% unemployment rate (I don’t think they count the unemployed women) is because the country needs services that its people cannot fill.

Also, the region has a negative attitude. They look at the advancements of the West and far East as a result of being far away from God. “They are advanced because they have no fear of God and have no morals”. As if morals have been given to the Gulf people only. Unless you live with them and are part of them, you won’t see the extent of their negativity. Complaining is part of the culture and they dedicate an enormous amount of time to complain about their misfortunes and bad luck. Not that they are working hard to change it or to achieve. No, they want it to come to them.

But most importantly, its a culture that does not read. At least not beyond the religious books. A regular day in an Omani life does not include reading. Probably the newspaper a bit because we are in a region that is in the middle of war zone. Or at least we are close that it concerns us and we need to know what is going on. Oh, some people but mostly girls read translated romance books. I remember my cousins hiding those novels from their parents because they were taboo. However, the average Omani stops reading once they are done with school. No wonder we are so behind.

So, why do I call the Gulf region the “Wannabe Empire”, well its because people build their own empires..not so much here. We have the wealth to be an empire but not the attitude!

Note: I know the post is negative, but its my dedicated “complaining” time of the day!

Here is an article about the algae producing gasoline.

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The reason I’m naming this as Gulf men’s pride because it applies to most or nearly all gulf men.

And yes, I did name it exhausting pride because I’m exhausted from it and have been for a very very longs ass time! I am addicted to honesty and you can NEVER be partially fully honest with your:… its a long list… male relative, father, brother, uncle, boyfriend, fiancée, or husband!

If you are a Middle Eastern girl, you become accustomed to learning all kinds of games and ways to manipulate your way into getting what you want! I don’t know, but I really do think men are either stupid or just have an arrogant mentality that they don’t see all those games and manipulative techniques!

All this for what…. So their precious PRIDE does not get hurt!

I’m not sure if you guys realize -maybe you do if you live in the Middle East- that there is this whole other world behind the faces of these .. so called… Men!

Example One:

Typical question (guy): “have you loved anyone before me?”
Typical answer (girl): “of course never” sounds like a big fat lie especially if she is 27, which of course girls realize, so they continue by “only that my mother would always tease me about my cousin, and I used to kind of like him when i was young. But I never saw him much..”

UHUH! Yeah.. Right! Toss them with a pathetic lie half truth, and they will walk away thinking they caught an angle that was untouched by the rotting smell of the concept of “love before marriage”… stupid..

Girls are never that stupid to ask that question, cause they know that the truth would be untold or the whole thing WILL be told.. how many prostitutes, with your aunt, neighbor..etc. Other girls don’t care, they understand the concept, “we will live together for the future not the past”

Example Two:

A girl from the Gulf area always gets this advice from other women: “always downplay your smarts, and sometimes act stupid. Don’t challenge them on debates because you will always end up called: stupid, you dont understand, disrespectful, and ‘shut up and do as I say’.”

My reply… F***K THEM…..(sorry, I’m angry)

If they cannot pick a book and read it before they open their mouths, debate, and become all philosophical about it.. then don’t be offended when I site writer’s and articles!

People… Gulf men RARELY read! some of them go to college and graduate as they entered.. stupid. They never take the time to do research and actually read more than what they have to. No interest, whatsoever!

Their main interest after getting a job, a wife, a house is: eat, sleep, hang out, and gradually become fat.

How do they graduate? I wonder, they copy and paste papers from google.. I don’t think they realize their school has online subscriptions to journals!.. or that they are ALLOWED to use the library for uses other than chatting on terminals and checking out text-books in the beginning of the semester.

Example Three:

Dad: “Where are you going?”
Daughter: “Hang out with my boyfriend girlfriends and fool around drive around in the car *smiley face*” and to just give him a sense of involvement, through him a couple of lies activities that you will be doing with your friends.

LoL, poor dad!

It does not end here! wish it did…

You have to lie about going shopping, talking to a friend he dislikes or one he fought with the brother, driving somewhere, going out in general.. “many go out only when the male is not in the house”, cooking, cleaning, relationships, being mad at them…..etc.

They also think that they are entitled to your privacy. They have an urging need to know everything that happens in your life, no matter how private you would like to keep it. Just so that they can remind you later on of your mistakes and how you should be dependent on their stupidity wisdom.

I am tired of always walking on eggshells because I might hurt their pride one day… Many women don’t mind it because they don’t think that men can be any different. “God made them that way for a reason!”.. all I will say is.. God is innocent from such accusations…

My problem? I got to know better….

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