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Office Gossip (1)

Okay, here is what I found out:

1- My company pays 120 R.O for each cleaner, but the company that brings us the cleaners pays them only RO 35/- a month.

2- The company also pays RO 300/- for each security guard we get. Apparently, their agency pays them around RO 120/- each.

3- No one likes the girl I hated in the office… She is rude to everyone and not just me! 🙂

4- Our boss was granted the Omani national after completing 10 yrs in Oman. I must admit, he looks good with the  traditional dress.

5- A higher boss has been living in Oman for 37 yrs, but they wont grant his the citizenship. He has grandkids and he is OLD now! poor thing.. I think he served the country well and deserves more than just a citizenship!

—- yup, didn’t work much today, strangely I feel good about it!! not a tiny feeling of guilt… None! Nada!


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Let me give you all an intro about myself for you all to understand why I’m writing this entry. I come from a family that is considered middle to high class in Oman. My fortune made me be one of the “Orbis” that I talked about before. My parents taught me that everyone is equal. However, the rest of my family are the social climbers. They think that they are better than everyone else, and try soooo hard to distinguish themselves from the “those” who are “lower” than them. Its annoying..

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks, I have been getting these lame comments from them.

Don’t dress like this you look like a Baluchi girl.

Don’t act like this you sound like a Zanzibari girl.

Even with nail polish, I can’t put it because they don’t want me to look like the “others”..

All I do is give them a WHATEVER attitude. So what I look like a Baluchi girl. Everyone knows that Baluchi girls are cuter than original Omani girls! This whole culture is built on gossip. They are all afraid that other people will say something bad about them. They all want to look perfect and act perfect Omanis so that they intermarry with the best of the best…I’m talking about blood line not merit.. focus people!

I don’t mind people saying.. “I don’t want to marry from this culture because I’m not into it” or “it does not suit my needs”, but don’t make it sound like you will be stained if you did. Everyone is equal… equality is a word that has a vague meaning in this region!

They also try to control everyone’s fate in their family. People always talk about the positives of having a close extended family but no one talks about the negatives.. If someone from the family wants to marry someone that is not from their “baseless and stupid” bloodline status, they gossip about that person to no end. They also become involved in their affairs and try hard to stop the marriage. Not for fear that the person is not suitable or anything that has the merit of “good intentions”, another vague phrase here, no. It is because they fear of what other “social climbers” might say about them, and that their honor might be stained.

My comments… Give me a break! The world has advanced in soooooooo many ways and you guys have a mentality that is stuck in 600 BC!

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