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Have you ever went to the City Center or the beach and saw Omani girls walking around with their bushy eyebrows and wondered…. why?

Well, here is the answer

In Islam, women are not supposed to pluck their eyebrows “they will be casted to hell”..
However, many “like some sects in Shi’a” say it is okay.. that is because it is not mentioned in the Qur’an but only in the Sunna “or prophet Mohammed’s sayings”..

Many people, especially from inner Oman, look at girls with waxed eyebrows as “bad girls”. Sometimes they are called “biatches” and other similar names. Some guys would not marry girls that have waxed eyebrows, others don’t care. The one theory these people have is that waxed-eye girls do that on purpose just to attract guys to them. Not that because the girl feels embarrassed from her bushy eyebrows, No! it’s always for the guyzzz…

The reason it is Haraam (against Islamic law) is because it is interpreted as changing God’s creation (altering it).

So, the next time you see a girl with bushy eyebrows… remember my post!


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