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Alright, a friend of mine that works at a private college gave me this picture. What you see here is an example of the cheating habit students have in Oman. These here are called “Barasheem”. Students take their teacher’s notes and copy them in a 10% scale. What they get are these small prints of the notes. I have no idea how they use them, but my friend tells me it is almost a daily thing, so I guess it works great for them.

Barasheem: Students preparing to cheat for an exam at an Omani college

Barasheem: Students preparing to cheat for an exam at an Omani college

Cheating is a common problem within the Omani educational system. It is common throughout the whole Gulf region. Students (mainly males) cheat their way through school and college – and they wonder why no one wants to hire them! – I mean, what a waste!

Students spend more time trying to find out ways to cheat than anything else. They cheat through phones, watches with tiny screens, tiny papers, writing on their knees..etc. I remember when I was in high school and attending my final exams. There were guys honking on their cars outside our classes… honk honk (question 2) *silence*  honk honk honk (answer c)… honk honk honk (question 3) *silence* honk (answer a)

If you wonder how they got the answers (supposedly, no one can get the questions before the exam starts), well, they get it once the exam starts.. they go to their tutors, get the answers.. and spread them around!

The problem starts in school. There are no harsh measures for those who cheat! In school exams, some students discuss questions with each other and open their books while one teacher helps them out and other.. well, guards the door!

As some one told me one day…

No one studies, we cheat in exams and if we can’t do copy/paste for our papers then we pay some Indians 30 rials to write them for us!



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