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Alright, since its Ramadan, I wanted to talk a little bit about religion and for today I chose the topic of Jesus’ crucifixion. Ohh, and I hope I do not get crucified over this post. Please read with an open mind and think before you attack.

I remember years back when I was in college, I met these two young protestant girls that wanted to talk about Christianity and hopefully win us over. Well, we began an open discussion and I thought it was a chance for me to open their eyes to Islam. To make the story short, we were all deriving our examples and “evidence” from our holy books and we tried to point out the things that did not make sense from what the other person was saying. “So you are saying that Jesus was crucified, which means he was dead then he woke up from the dead to go to heaven without any brain damage ?”, and their point was “So you are saying that Jesus was not crucified, that his soul was swapped with another one, even though historically crucifixion was a normal event and it was more likely to happen than a soul swap?” …do you see what I mean?

I cannot deny that these conversations were helpful (opened my mind), but at the same time, I do realize that we were discussing and at some extent arguing about our beliefs that are solely based on faith. At the end, I became friends with the girls and we hung out. We ventured on the topic of religion many times but the intention changed to learning rather than changing each other.

It is similar to arguing about whether a mountain crawls or jumps. Both are not common sense though we might try to think so! Sometimes I think it is funny how we argue and battle each other over things that are not logical! I’m not saying it is not true or that it did not happen –clearing my conscious – but what I am saying is that we fight over things that are based on our decision to believe that what we are taught in school or in our houses –some based on self education– is as true as daylight.

I mean, they are called miracles for a reason. Miracles in religion are those events that are out of the ordinary and that are not based on logic or the natural order of the universe. So, whether the Quran says oh it was not him even though it did seem to them that it was him, or whether in Christianity it says oh it was him, and he died to save us, but then he was resurrected –other versions might have it differently– it all does not make sense!

Saying that, my point from all this is to hope that one day we are able to respect each others beliefs and give each other the space to practice our religion –as long as it does not overstep someone elses space–  and just stop overstepping our boundaries. No need to harass each other or be dramatically offended – seen it happen from both sides, the shock followed by the deep exhale and the widening of the eyes as if saying “How DARE you!!!!”.

At the end, the Quran did say:

Say: O disbelievers! (1) I worship not that which ye worship; (2) Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3) And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5) Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6) ” (Surat Al-Kaferoon)


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Today I had a discussion with a friend about personal views and beliefs vs. evidence and facts. Here, I will be talking about religions in general. This is not a post that is directed towards Islam by any means because it is universal among all religions.I respect religions in general, and this will focus on how people use religion to justify certain acts.

It also happens to be something that annoys the hell out of me..

Okay, lets start the ranting.. in short, Most of what we believe in is not common sense nor does it portray actual facts, which is why it is called “faith” and not “science”. Faith is a “belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence”.

Let me give some examples.. In the Bible and Quran, God told Abraham to slaughter his son in a dream. We take that as face value and believe in it. But the question every good young Christian/Muslim/Jewish kid would wounder, common we all did, before we were shut down and told never to question God, is: “Abraham wanted to slaughter his son because he had a dream?!”

My question.. Does that sound logical. Or better, Does that sound sane? Good?

I mean, if it was someone today, we would say the person must have a mental illness. But we believe in it because its our faith, and there is nothing wrong with it as long as we don’t use the excuse of “God told me in a dream” to kill people.

So where is my problem?

When the guys in the Sharee’a (religious) School justify cheating on their English exam because it is the language of “Christians” and God said not to advance them.. or whatever their excuse is.

When a Jewish person tells you it was okay to occupy Palestine because its their “Promised land”, as if it is a matter of fact.

When Christians tell you that Jesus is here to save you and they site the “Bible” as evidence to what they say.

When Sunni’s tell you that they are allowed to kill Shea’s because the prophet Mohammed said that there will be different sects in Islam and only one will go to heaven and the rest to hell.

Get what I mean…

Sometimes I sit there and wonder if these people understand the meaning of evidence and common sense..

In short, it is great that you have a religion and you believe everything in it. However, using the Torah/Bible/Quran as evidence can only be possible when you are having a discussion or a debate with someone in your own faith. Once you are out of your own faith, please use scientific evidence or even common sense as the basis for your talk..

Don’t say, well.. because God said so.. Cause what your God said to you is different than what mine said to me…

We don’t have the same illogical beliefs.

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