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What is the deal with the job ads they publish in newspapers!!!

Here is a typical Job ad.

Job Vacancy

Wanted someone with managerial experience to work with a notable company.
Qualifications as follows: 2 yrs experience, male, 25 yrs or older, bachelors in …etc.
Please send your resume to the following email address: whryf@gmail.com


Is it only me or is it not utterly a stupid Ad.? Every day I check the Omani Observer, Omani Daily (Arabic), Al Watan newspaper for job vacancies, and this is what I get. There are at least three of these in each newspaper. I mean… what POSITION are they offering, WHERE????? and what is the NAME of the company?….AT LEAST!

A weeks ago I had a job interview. When they called, they just… come you have an interview. “For what I asked” … for a job here at the bla bla place.. I thought to myself.. I know that, but what position!?
I did find out what the position was for eventually… during my interview!


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