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A Ghost in Town

Okay, this story happened to a friend of someone close, and I thought it was amusing and quite interesting. So, I have to share it with everyone else.

Apparently there were sightings of a Ghost (Jinni) in town, and not just any ghost, but a touchable one too! A couple of guys living in an apartment complex were having dinner out in a restaurant. When they were done, they walked back towards their apartment. Two of these guys live together, and one of them proceeded to enter the apartment first. He opened the door, and before he turned the lights on, he saw this huge figure standing next to the wall.

Apparently, this Ghost was bright white, with scruffy white hair and a long beard. He was just standing there with his torn old clothes and holding a thick wooden walking cane. So the guy, instead of running away for his life, pulled his dishdasha up and did something rather stupid. He jumped on the Ghost in an attempt to restrain it.  Well, apparently this Ghost was solid and the guy’s attempt was successful.

The Ghost tried to free itself while this guy was determined to clinch as hard as he could. It didn’t matter to this guy that the Ghost started hitting him with the cane, he was determined. Screaming and shouting for his friend, the friend came running inside to find his friend tied up in a fight. Now it was the friend’s turn to scream, but it was a cry for the guy to let go! “Let him go, let him go!” he cried while pulling his friend away, “He is nothing but trouble if you keep holding him”.

The guy finally let in after receiving a couple of hits in the head (apparently there are visible bruises to confirm the story). Then, the ghost just ran away!


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This post is in reference to Muscat Confidential’s post on Oman and Vodoo.

Witchcraft in Oman is popular. I know many people that fear coming to Oman for this specific reason, and others come for it too. Now, what you guys do not know is that there are two very distinct types of witchcraft in Oman. The first is called a Saher (Witch), and the second is called Qaher Al Jinn (The Jinn’s Conqueror) … The difference is that the witch (evil) uses Satan’s power, and the conqueror (good) uses the Muslim Jinn’s power.

Alright, here is a guide on how you can become a witch and a conqueror in Oman… Not Kidding!

Al Saher

To be a witch, you need to be cold blooded and evil (obviously). Once you decide that you are ready, you prepare a feast. Now, to become part of the witchcraft assembly in Oman, you need to sacrifice a relative. The closer in blood the relative is the better. Sometimes other witches choose which one you have to sacrifice, and they usually chose the one you love most: your favorite son, niece, cousin …etc.

However, as all sacrifices go, the person you are presenting to Satan MUST have complete organs and with no disabilities. So you can’t cheat and bring your dying or handicapped son (lucky them ha!). I heard about a witch that didn’t want to sacrifice his son, so he gouged his son’s eye out! (don’t be shocked, he is protecting his son).

So, usually the ritual happens in an area where witches gather. Mostly, it is a dirty and a haunted-like place where all sorts of dirty creatures live. They make a circle on the floor and the witches gather around it. The new witch hops in and out of that circle while chanting. I’m not sure what they chant, but I’ve heard that the newcomer is supposed to chant some passages from the Quran in the opposite direction. So instead of saying..  God is Great, it would come out as taerG si doG… then Satan appears and starts doing tricks and whatever.. the sacrificed son is brought all chopped up, and all the witches join and eat like hungry animals.

The new witch now has a life time membership to the witch community in Oman and will be Satan’s servant who in turn will give him powers to turning people into Zombies.

Qaher Al Jinn

To be a Jinn’s conqueror, you have to have a LOT of faith in God and you need to be a really good Muslim. This takes a lot of preparation and meditation. Once you are ready, you take a book (I think it is called the book of al-Ghazali). I have heard that this book is banned in Oman, but that it secretly circulates in some places.

You would want to sit in a room.. alone. You start reading the first few pages of the book and two Jinns appear. You must not be distracted and the Jinn’s job is to do just that. They play tricks on you, such as make scary noises, and the more you read, the more you need to endure. Fire will start appearing and the walls will start falling. Now, this is only the beginning, and the more you read the harder it will be, which is why you need to have a lot of faith.

The consequence for not being well prepared is that will just lose your mind. You will end up being a crazy person. If you succeed; however, the Jinn will respect and serve you. Now, of course they will serve you with limitations. And no, this kind you don’t get zombies.. You might have the Jinn living with you and serving you. There are some Forts in Oman that till today, no one knows who built them or parts of them. The theory goes that some of the Imam’s of Oman were Jinn’s Conquerors and used the jinn’s force to build these places.

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