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Phone Stalking

When I lost my phone yesterday, I took my mom’s and tried to call my phone. However, I ended up dialing a wrong number (I do know my number, I just pressed the wrong digit, really!). A guy answered, and my immediate thought was “huh, is my phone with my dad?”. Apparently not.  I said “Aloo” still thinking I’m calling my number.

The guy replied, “Aloo, aywa, who is with me?” So, as part of my impulse reaction, I hung up the phone. However, my “Aloo” was enough of an indication to this guy that the person who called was a female, and so, calling back was just a natural reaction. He called. I gave him the busy signal. (that’s after calling my actual number and finding my cell in my purse, where it is supposed to be!)

He called again, and this time it was apparent that the guy was hoping for some recognition. (these type of guys require that once the difference in gender is established). Again, I gave him the busy signal, “Bug OFF”.

Later that day, my mother picked me up from work and immediately started complaining about this guy. Apparently he tried calling her, and she answered. She told him, “sorry, we didn’t try to call you”, and he replied, “well then, it’s a very lovely morning don’t you think?”, so she hung up. He called over and over again. Then he started sending desperate phone messages. Here are some: “Who are you?”, “Pick up the phone, O fine lady”, “How about you don’t hang up the phone and just talk to me?”, “I will call again, please don’t send the busy signal”, “I just want to talk a little bit”, “I’m sure you are a wonderful person, just pick up the phone”, “I will call again, but this time don’t turn your phone off!”…. there were over 10 msgs on her phone!

I don’t think this guy realizes that he is trying to phone stalk a grandmother!

Update: Last night he sent a msg to my mother saying, “I’m hanging out with 9 other guys right now! If you don’t tell me who you are, I will distribute your number to them and they will all bother you”.  …. Classic!


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Crimes Do Happen in Oman

We always talk about how much Oman is safe when it comes to crimes and other sort of similar stuff. However, crimes do happen here and there. Today, I will tell you all about a crime that happened about a week ago. Of course don’t expect the local media to pick it up. I think they do not want to disturb the general sense of peace and serenity that surrounds the area.

Apparently, a school guard was found stabbed to death in his office. I heard about the incident a few days ago from a relative who attended the funeral. I asked her if she knows why he was killed, and she said, “Yea! He was killed over a phone and a head cap!”. “Huh!” I replied, “Do they know who did it?”, “Yes, it was his cousin!”

Astonishing really!

Apparently the cousin (lets call him Saleh) is a trouble maker (no kidding!). He took his cousin’s (Khalifa) phone and cap. Then, because Khalifa didn’t want to deal with Saleh, he went straight to his uncle, Saleh’s dad. Later that day, the father shouted at Saleh and gave him some harsh words in front of his wife and brothers. Saleh got pissed that he got humiliated in front of his new wife and older brothers that he decided to kill his cousin. I’m not sure what kind of thoughts went through his mind that led to the stabbing, but I guess it went along the lines “F#&* this shit! I got embarrassed for a phone and a cap!!!! I will kill that son of a B#&$*” … sounds reasonable enough.

So, Saleh took a knife and went to the school where Khalifa stayed for his night shift. The door was locked, and so he jumped in through the window. Saleh got his knife out and started stabbing Khalifa while he was asleep… Coward I know! Apparently, the idiot cleaned the knife there and cut himself in the process. So, he left his blood and fingerprints everywhere. In the morning, the other guard came in for his shift. He tried to open the door… nothing. Then, knocked on the door and started calling for Khalifa to open the door… nothing.

He looked into the window, and saw blood. Freaked out, he ran towards Khalifa’s father’s house and told him about it. They called the cops and ran back. The dad knocked the door down, and there he saw… his son… covered in blood.

Then, the cops went to the crime scene and started looking for suspects. Saleh was among the suspects because that morning, he went to work wearing his uniform (he was a security guy) inside out.

The outcome of this stupid crime has left one man dead, another in prison (for life or the death penalty), a three-month pregnant widow (Khalifa’s side), and a six month old kid and the wife (Saleh’s side) with a sad future!

The lesson…. If someone takes your phone and cap, don’t go to the dad and complain about it! How about.. just don’t complain about it at all!

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Today was the first time that I leave the house since I came back from the US due to jetlag problems. So, where did I head first? AL Qurum beach of course! I went to my favorite coffee place.. Second Cup. In the US, it was weird walking around in the cold and trying to sip the almost tasteless coffee from Starbucks. My friend and I were a bit shocked that we actually preferred Second Cup over our favorite Mocha from Starbucks. It is funny how you get those mixed feelings once you go back and try to revisit your old habits.

I remember when I was a kid; I used to love that canned round spaghetti with the tomato sauce.  It was my favorite, and the memory stayed with me for years after that.  Then, three years ago I decided to revisit that beautiful memory. “YUCK!” was my first response.

Back to today… While in the car, listening to Rihanna’s “Hard”, I couldn’t help but look around me and see how much Oman has changed in the past five years (at least it did in the ‘love street’…). Two years ago, my family wouldn’t have been okay with me sitting down in a coffee shop! It was considered improper. Today, my phone rings and my uncle asks where I am, and I reply “in a coffee shop” without fearing that he might judge me for it. Exciting!

Also, what’s up with the “Omani Bikers” ? I don’t care what anyone thinks because I really think they look good! Some people might object and be all mighty and pious about it, but I think it gives our guys some character. Yup, something more to them than the common dishdasha and cap. Ohh, no worries! These guys don’t do the cheap & fake lowest grade tattoo and designer clothes. It’s amazing, I KNOW!

And don’t get me started with our newest generation..! I saw a young lad at work the other day. He looked as if he just came out of an anime movie! My coworkers grunted and complained of course! But I thought he looked nice! Some character! And again.. not the cheap character, but one who looked at himself in the mirror and thought it through.

It’s amazing, the country is opening up!

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Back to Oman

Just a quick post..

I am Back! I know I haven’t told anyone that I am taking leave for a few weeks…
But I was in the US, visiting family and friends, and now I am back… to the slow internet!

I do have some great news to tell, but that all will have to wait..

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