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What is the deal with the job ads they publish in newspapers!!!

Here is a typical Job ad.

Job Vacancy

Wanted someone with managerial experience to work with a notable company.
Qualifications as follows: 2 yrs experience, male, 25 yrs or older, bachelors in …etc.
Please send your resume to the following email address: whryf@gmail.com


Is it only me or is it not utterly a stupid Ad.? Every day I check the Omani Observer, Omani Daily (Arabic), Al Watan newspaper for job vacancies, and this is what I get. There are at least three of these in each newspaper. I mean… what POSITION are they offering, WHERE????? and what is the NAME of the company?….AT LEAST!

A weeks ago I had a job interview. When they called, they just… come you have an interview. “For what I asked” … for a job here at the bla bla place.. I thought to myself.. I know that, but what position!?
I did find out what the position was for eventually… during my interview!


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Today I wanted to talk about a serious issue, and it is about Omani men dating expats including house maids and professional workers for nothing but pleasure.

Usually, guys would follow expat women everywhere to date them. These men think that this is the smartest way to have “intercourse” without being caught or at least not get into trouble with the girl’s family. The scenario is simple and obvious. They show interest. They tell you they are interested in marriage and that you are what they are looking for. Typical of Omani or Gulf men that want to play… They say you are different from all other women, you are the seixest, you are beautiful inside out… etc. They throw in a gift or two. Mostly I think, they always refer to marriage as to show you that they actually have intentions behind all this… they really dont. They just want to have “intercourse” period.

What I am going to write might be very hurtful to many but it is the truth and I am here to give notice..

In Oman, Most men that pursue expat women think they are cheap and easy to get. Especially those that don’t cover. There is a tendency where many men think that if you don’t cover, that means you are welcoming all sxeual harassments from men. Even if it is rape. Who cares, they think you wanted it because… well, you are not covered. its not logical I know people.. calm down and continue reading… expat women, yes you can be pissed!

Alright, so how can you know if a man has good intentions or not.. well, if he is married, then there is almost no possibility he has good intentions.. None.. Nada… AT ALL… you are just a siex partner, if you want more…. sorry
Also, if he is very young… then most probably he is just a horny teenager! I wonder if men ever get passed that point!

So… its simple… if they want to sleep with you, then they dont have good intentions… Omani girls know this by heart now 😀
If you are looking for a potential husband, then dont let the guy touch you until he marries you … and NOT marriage in secret PLZ. It does not make a difference. He will use you and throw you away. Take it as a RULE. If he has good intentions you will marry him openly and with the presence of his whole family. Don’t believe any crap he gives you.

If you are dating an Omani guy, then really… its not magic, it’s a rule of thumb.. if he doesnt call, check on you, not the loving, caring, and trusting boyfriend… then, you deserve better cause he is just using you… as they say… free siex!

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